Clean Air Villages 3 – Cleaner deliveries and advice for businesses in Northbank BID

Cross River Partnership (CRP) is delivering the Clean Air Villages 3 project (CAV3), funded by Defra’s Air Quality Grant, with Westminster City Council as the leading partner, to improve local air quality. Working together with Northbank Bid, the CRP’s CAV 3 team are engaging with the food and beverage for a free trial in the local area.  The project would like to consolidate fruit and vegetable deliveries from New Covent Garden Market suppliers, and use zero or ultra-low emission vehicles.

CRP’s CAV 3 team are offering free advice and guidance about deliveries to and from your business in the Northbank area. Guidance can lead to both cost savings as well as air quality improvements.

Link for more information:

  • CleanCar Dongles trials with businesses who are looking to switch to electric vehicle – please contact Laura Jacklin for more information at
  • The CRP Clean Air Villages Directory which lists local businesses who deliver their services by ultra-low emission, to emphasise their initiative in improving local air quality, as well as encourage other businesses to adopt ultra-low methods of delivery. More information with Rachael Aldridge
  • CRP fortnightly LiveShares – online, interactive discussions with industry professionals around air quality, COVID-19 and more. Please see recordings of all past LiveShares here, and check out CRP’s eventbrite page for upcoming events.

If you’re a restaurant in Northbank BID and you receive fruit and vegetable deliveries, then  please contact Project Manager, Kate Fenton: or Project officer, Carina Mesquita:

Westminster Academy

Westminster Academy Year 11 Mentoring Programme

Westminster Academy is an outstanding (Ofsted rating), non-selective, 11-18 academy school situated in North Westminster. It is the only non-fee-paying school in London to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme. Westminster Academy aims to develop students who can collaborate and embrace challenges as inquirers, thinkers, communicators and risk-takers; students with a growth mindset and an international perspective, who are knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, balanced and reflective. 

The academy is establishing a mentoring programme for their current year 11 students and are looking for volunteers to undertake five mentoring sessions during the course of the 20/21 academic year. Mentors would meet via Zoom with their mentee. The Academy Careers Lead will deliver a training session to mentors on the 13 October, 2-3 pm with the first mentoring session taking place at 15:00 on the 20th October.

School children have experienced significant disruption to school life and their education this year as a result of COVID-19, this mentoring programme offers volunteers an ideal opportunity to deliver tangible support to students at Westminster Academy in their GCSE year and further education choices.

About Westminster Academy

If you would be interested please contact:

Eileen Gallagher, Business & Enterprise Programme Manager



On Friday 11 September the Government announced that it plans to stop offering tax free shopping to all international visitors after 31 December 2020. This will mean losing a £3.5 billion sector and undermining Britain’s global appeal and competitiveness. We know from talking to our business community that this is yet another blow, at a time when many are still struggling due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The decision is not just something that will impact retailers, it will have a ripple effect across many sectors including hospitality and culture. Similarly, it is not only a London problem – the reality is that the tax free incentive does encourage visitors to the UK and this gives people a clear reason to go elsewhere. We are urging the Government to rethink its decision.

We urgently need your help to express the devastating impact this decision will have on a wide range of sectors across the whole of the UK.

Please see more information below about what action can be taken over the next few weeks.

  1. Write directly to the Chancellor: Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ / email:

Contact your local MP – you can find your MP and contact details here