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Air Quality Pledges

Businesses can take simple actions to help improve local air quality. Show your support with an Air Quality Pledge

Reducing your company’s emissions is much easier than you think. Simple actions can provide efficiency savings and improve local air quality.

We can provide help to identify opportunities and as a start download our  Air Quality Business Toolkit


Join other local businesses by showing your support and by signing up the Air Quality Pledge.

Find out more by contacting us at: or calling 0203 697 9270


Delivery and servicing vehicles contribute to local air pollution and congestion. By re-thinking when and how businesses receive their deliveries, services and waste collections both can be reduced.

Some ideas of simple steps that can help are:

  • Speaking with neighbouring businesses to share office supplies.
  • Reducing the number of deliveries by consolidating the number of suppliers for different products or reducing daily/weekly deliveries to a few times a month.
  • Requesting that suppliers deliver earlier in the morning to reduce traffic during the morning rush hour.
  • Encourage staff to have personal deliveries away from central London and spread the word about alternatives with the ‘Click & Collect’:
  • Ask drivers to refrain from idling their vehicles when visiting your premises
  • Share that you care about our air #northbankcleanerair