Climate Change Protest – Information for businesses

Current overview (Subject to change or variation): 

  • The Met have been working hard ahead of planned protests by organisations campaigning against climate change, including Extinction Rebellion. 
  • The operation is led by an experienced command team with an appropriate number of officers to police the demonstration. 
  • The Met have the capability to deploy quickly officers trained in public order and specialist officers will be deployed. 
  • Whilst policing protest in central London, the police have a duty to balance the rights of the protestors with the rights of others to go about their lawful business. 
  • The Met have learnt from the last protest held by this group – we will have sufficient number of officers on duty to make arrests and remove any obstructions as necessary. 

MPS advice to stakeholders, organisations, and businesses in Central London 

Your people 

  • In the days leading up to the event, ensure all employees are fully briefed 
  • Your premises should have a strong, visible management presence who should identify themselves to the police in the event of any trespassing or damage 
  • Security officers, where possible, should be highly visible 
  • All staff should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to security and/or the police 
  • Ensure all members of staff are fully aware of any emergency and evacuation procedures

 Your premises 

  • Minimise the number of entry points to your premises 
  • Ensure the outside areas are clear of debris, dustbins, ladders, tools, or equipment 
  • Check that your emergency equipment, grab bags, first aid supplies, and walkie0talkies are in place, easy to get to, and working properly. It is advisable to test them beforehand 
  • Check and test building security and emergency systems 
  • Ensure CCTV coverage is fully operational and can provide the highest recording resolution possible 
  • If your building has scaffolding erected or is in close proximity to scaffolding, let your security staff know. 
  • Report any suspicious activity to police by dialling 999 in an emergency or call 101 if not an emergency. 

You can read more advice here.

Air Quality Pledges

Businesses can take simple actions to help improve local air quality. Show your support with an Air Quality Pledge

Reducing your company’s emissions is much easier than you think. Simple actions can provide efficiency savings and improve local air quality.

We can provide help to identify opportunities and as a start download our  Air Quality Business Toolkit


Join other local businesses by showing your support and by signing up the Air Quality Pledge.

Find out more by contacting us at: or calling 0203 697 9270


Delivery and servicing vehicles contribute to local air pollution and congestion. By re-thinking when and how businesses receive their deliveries, services and waste collections both can be reduced.

Some ideas of simple steps that can help are:

  • Speaking with neighbouring businesses to share office supplies.
  • Reducing the number of deliveries by consolidating the number of suppliers for different products or reducing daily/weekly deliveries to a few times a month.
  • Requesting that suppliers deliver earlier in the morning to reduce traffic during the morning rush hour.
  • Encourage staff to have personal deliveries away from central London and spread the word about alternatives with the ‘Click & Collect’:
  • Ask drivers to refrain from idling their vehicles when visiting your premises
  • Share that you care about our air #northbankcleanerair



Inspiring Schools

Encouraging our future generation

We have been working closely with St Clement Danes Primary School to help raise awareness of air quality issues and promote clean walking routes to school. Our charity partner, Groundwork London, has been delivering a series of educational sessions, inspiring students to do their bit to help address air pollution. Groundwork is also running a competition for students to design a poster to promote the Cleaner Air Routes. You’ll be able to see the winning poster on display at our pop-up events and in local business windows.



Healthy Streets for Businesses

Making delivery consultation work for your business

We’ve been working with businesses like Somerset House to help reduce our collective impact on the environment, with cost benefits too. We will be publishing a report with TfL and Somerset House soon but in the meantime please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Businesses asked to pledge their support for pollution-busting campaign

Westminster suffers from the worst air pollution in the country with almost 10 million drivers in London contributing more than half of the deadliest emissions.  Research suggests that thousands of Londoners die prematurely because of poor air quality.

To help cut pollution, Westminster City Council’s #DontBeIdle campaign encourages road users to switch off their car engines when parked at the side of the road.  Over 10,000 people have already signed up to the pledge.

Business users of Westminster’s road network can support the campaign by displaying #DontBeIdle stickers in their vehicles, training their drivers not to engine idle unnecessarily and funding an air quality marshal to engage directly with drivers.

Find out how your business can get involved at

Delivery giant Deliveroo is the latest business to sign up to #DontBeIdle.  Leader of Westminster City Council, Cllr Nickie Aiken, with Deliveroo riders

Health-based menu’s on the Northbank

Volunteering: ACCA join the Northbank for litter picking

ACCA – litter picking in London

“On 10 October, we rolled up our sleeves and got busy picking up litter in Victoria Embankment Gardens, very close to the Adelphi building.  Working in partnership with the Northbank BID (a local initiative supporting our business district), we were joined by 3 members of their team who provided us with the route, gloves and equipment to get the job done!  This initiative gave us the opportunity to give something back to our local community – and most importantly the environment.  The Northbank team were so friendly and we were surprised at how much litter we collected in just a couple of hours.  We would like to say a big thank you to Tom, Carlos and Guillermo for their support – a great experience for the whole team.”

‘You Know My Name’ by Jonny Woo

I know what you think of me.

That I am a ‘Has Been.’

An unremarkable inconvenience.

A passing through.

Can’t think of anywhere else,

On the way to, second choice rendezvous.

A suntrap, a wind tunnel

A polluted, choking, stone and concrete, asphalt funnel.

I’ll be the lesser man and take it in my stride

Let someone else have his or her moment,

For sure I’ve had many.

Mine is a quiet pride.

You just see an ordinary bloke.

But I’m working hard for you.

An escape from and gateway to

An artery pumping life into your London’s beating heart

Since way before your own humble start.

Once the only vital link between the pleasure and the purse

It’s me you’ll pass along before you amble through

That majestic arch called Admiralty

And stroll the rose pathway to see a Queen.

But I won’t brag like a ‘Knightsbridge’

Or turn my nose up like a ‘Mayfair’.

Or jostle you like an ‘Oxford’

Or tempt you like a ‘Bond’

Or pretend to be someone I’m not like a ‘Portobello’.

I’m neither a street, nor a road, nor an avenue, nor a lane.

I’m just a ‘The’.

From a song, a magazine,

A cigarette or a game,

You know my name.

Pounded by tourists lured by theatre lights

Pummeled by red buses spewing workers into the fire.

Thrashed by diesel cabs ferrying fashionable mobs.

Ground by midnight limousines hiding powdered faces behind tinted glass

Sighing as they slope through the doors of The Savoy,

‘At last!’


As the last suburban trains rumble over Charing’s arches

Echoing with the beat of bodies in ecstatic release

Behind Heaven’s steel gates.

And just feet away in St Martin’s shadow

A forgotten voice asks

‘Where are those stars of yours tonight, Oscar?’

Let me caress you with tales of the palaces that rose where a sandwich shop stands.

And I’ll reveal the size and the make of the shoes of Huxley, Kipling and Woolf

I’ll tell you what it feels like to have your skin brushed by fine silk hems

And I’ll burn your ears with the secrets of sinners.

I’ve rubbed shoulders with kings

I’ve laughed with all manner of queens.

I’ve prayed for forgiveness and clemency.

And, if you dare to explore my fingers,

I’ll show you the real London.

I’m older than you

But, I feel like a young man welcoming the world.

I’ve seen so much

Yet I optimistically wait my renaissance.

As the tides of The Thames ebb and flow.

So you’ll come and so you’ll go.

But I’ll still be here, stoically grand.

Not street, not road, nor avenue, nor lane.

You know my name.

I am ‘The Strand.’

The Northbank’s CEO recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list

Congratulations To The Northbank BID’s CEO

Huge congratulations are in order for The Northbank BID’s CEO, Ruth Duston, as today she has been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Recognised for her significant contribution to businesses in the capital, Ruth has been involved with Business Improvement Districts and business partnerships for almost two decades, representing thousands of businesses and employees and contributing to the enhancement of vast areas of London, from Northbank, Victoria, and Cheapside to Hatton Garden, Richmond, Aldgate and Old Street.

London is expected to establish its 60th BID this year, and Ruth has been involved in the development and running of more BIDs in the capital than any other person. Over the last decade she has leveraged in over £20m of private sector investment for the various projects she has led, becoming the catalyst in generating over £6bn of national and international investment for the redevelopment across major parts of central London.

Speaking on the announcement of her Honour, Ruth commented:

“I am incredibly humbled to have been given this honour. This award is testament to the fantastic achievements of the BIDs and business partnerships I have been involved with over the years. I believe it demonstrates that public / private partnership is vital to London’s continued success and is more important than ever in these rather uncertain times. 

“I see every day the significant force for good that BIDs in London have become, working side by side with innovative and vastly experienced business leaders and visionary public servants and politicians. It’s a busy, fast moving world, but I thrive on our continued ability to make a difference, transforming communities and helping to make London the great global city it is. I’d like to thank all the businesses I have worked with over the years – their support and commitment to the partnership agenda has made this achievement today possible.” 

Ruth’s OBE reflects the important role that BIDs and business partnerships are now playing in the ‘public’ realm, especially in the capital. This summer she will run her latest BID ballot – for the Victoria Westminster proposed BID – and the appetite for BIDs is showing no sign of waning. To the contrary, BIDs are now powerful and strategic bodies, representing thousands of businesses across London and able to work collaboratively with the public sector to deliver real change.

London Environment Strategy launched

Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has just published his final London Environment Strategy following a 14 week consultation in 2017.

From tackling the city’s toxic air to improving our green spaces, it sets out how he’ll make London cleaner, greener and ready for the future. The Northbank BID supports this strategy and will ensure our work aligns with its ambitions, including extensive work on the Business Low Emission Neighbourhood over the coming year.

Following consultation the strategy now has a more ambitious target to reduce food waste and new London-wide carbon budgets to help put the capital on track to be a zero carbon city.

Read more here.

Read the Executive Summary here.

Northbank Summer Flags Along The Strand

We’re delighted to bring Union Flags to the Strand for the first time for a summer filled with celebrations and festivities. We’ve already had fantastic feedback so come along and see for yourself. While you’re here join in with our fantastic array of events and activities, and enjoy lots of delicious food and drinks (tip: don’t forget your Privilege Card!).

Remember to tag us on social media! @TheNorthbankBID.

Mayor’s air quality audits & £1m fund to protect pupils from pollution

24 May 2018

  • Sadiq delivers blueprints for 50 schools in most-polluted areas of London   
  • New £1 million fund to help worst affected schools bring in changes immediately
  • Funding will also provide 20 nurseries with air quality audits and indoor air filters as Mayor publishes report into school indoor air pollution

Find out more here.

Some of London’s most polluted primary schools, with a share of a new £1 million fund from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, are set to bring in a range of measures to help protect pupils from toxic air.

Under an initiative launched by the Mayor last year, detailed air quality audits have been carried out in 50 schools across 23 London boroughs. The audits assessed the air quality in some of the capital’s worst polluted schools and have made a series of recommendations to protect pupils.

The fund includes:

£500,000 to deliver non-transport interventions at all 50 audited schools,

  • £300,000 to deliver green infrastructure at any London school located in an area exceeding legal pollution limits (from the Greener City Fund);‎
  • £250,000 in funding to launch a new nursery audit programme that will trial filtration systems to reduce indoor air pollution at 20 of the most polluted nurseries in the most polluted areas

Westminster City Council Leader, Cllr Nickie Aiken, said: “We welcome The Mayor’s efforts to improve air quality across London – his support and funding will help us to reduce pollution around our schools.
“With over one million daily visitors Westminster suffers some of the worst pollution and air quality is the number one concern for our residents. To demonstrate our commitment to improving air quality we are pleased to announce that we will match fund the Mayor’s scheme for schools in our borough.
“Air quality is a national issue and there are no miracle cures but by working together we can make a big difference locally.”

Announcement of Results: Northbank BID Renewal Ballot

Westminster City Council has today (23/02/18) announced the result of The Northbank Business Improvement District renewal ballot.

94% of the levy-paying community voted in favour of the Northbank BID’s next five year term (2018-2023), totalling 98% by aggregate RV. This result provides an overwhelming mandate for the BID to continue delivering real improvements for the Northbank area.

Ruth Duston, Chief Executive of The Northbank BID said, “We are delighted by this strong show of support from the business community, which not only demonstrates a vote of confidence in the work that we do and our ambitious programme for 2018-2023 but means that the Northbank can continue to be part of the BID success story. We’ve made significant progress in our first term, not least generating an additional £1million for the area, but there is still much to do. As well as delivering on our public realm vision, we will continue to work with the Mayor of London’s team to help tackle air pollution in central London – a key priority for the capital. Our ultimate goal remains transforming the Northbank into London’s most dynamic and vibrant quarter for all who work, visit and live in the area and we look forward to working collaboratively with our partners to continue to bring positive change to this strategically important district.”

Matthew Dixon, Chairman of The Northbank BID and Commercial Director of Corinthia Hotels, said, “I’d like to thank each and every one of our members for helping us to reach this significant milestone for the BID. Much of our success is down to the strong collaborative spirit between the BID, our partners and the local community and your continued support makes our important mission possible. Public-private partnerships such as BIDs are essential to ensure that London remains a leading global destination and over the next five years, we will do all we can to continue to champion local initiatives and investment in local infrastructure to help unlock growth across the capital and bring benefits to the whole community. The Northbank already has so much to be proud of and together, we will work towards a better and brighter future for this vibrant part of central London.”

The BID Executive and Street teams value your continued support and look forward to a prosperous five years ahead.

London First Puts Aldwych Vision As Top Priority


Proposed transformation of Aldwych, with the removal of the gyratory and the creation of a new public space around the church


London’s business chiefs step up to transform public spaces at Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair
July 13, 2017



“London’s business chiefs today threw their support behind three key projects that promise to transform public spaces in Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair.

The influential West End Streets group, set up by London First, brings together the likes of The Portman Estate, Arup, The Crown Estate and Grosvenor Britain and Ireland to work with the West End Business Improvement Districts to confirm funding and delivery of key London public realm projects.

The group helped deliver the transformation of Leicester Square in 2012 and continues to champion schemes that will make a significant difference to London’s public spaces.

The three schemes unveiled today, in Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair, are significant projects for London, promising to open up public spaces, improve air quality and conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and deliver benefits to residents, visitors and local businesses. All three schemes are deliverable within the next five years.

• The Aldwych Vision: an ambitious scheme centred on the removal of the Aldwych gyratory and the creation of a new civic space at the heart of the area.
• Hanover Square: the project will renovate gardens at the centre of the square, and pedestrianise part of it, ahead of the opening of the Elizabeth Line station at Bond Street.
• East Mayfair: plans to improve public spaces and reduce congestion on streets including Saville Row, Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, Clifford Street and Old Burlington Street. The improvements will open-up routes through the West End and support the opening of the new Royal Academy of Arts entrance on Burlington Gardens.

Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive of London First, said: “The plans for Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair promise to transform the areas, making them more open, accessible and attractive for residents, local businesses and the millions of people who visit the West End each year. To make sure they don’t get stuck on the drawing board, business is joining forces to champion the work, delivering real ambition and investment for London and our world-famous streets.”

Bill Moore CBE, Chief Executive of The Portman Estate and Chair of the West End Streets group, said: “West End Streets has been successful in backing schemes such as the Baker Street Two Way in Marylebone and the work to revitalise Bond Street in the preparation for the opening of the Elizabeth Line. The three schemes announced today will continue this momentum. They will improve public realm, reduce traffic congestion, enhance air quality and enable growth in the respective areas, delivering a better environment for residents, workers and visitors. We look forward to working with local authorities, TfL, business improvement districts and other stakeholders to deliver these improvements.”

The West End Streets group was established in 2007 and has helped deliver projects including the transformation of Leicester Square, the roll out of ‘Legible London’, which provides over 200 wayfinding signs across central London, and the ‘Summer Streets’ initiative which sees the annual pedestrianisation of Regent Street for four Sundays in July.”

Evergreen Embankment: green wall

This new and vibrant addition to the Northbank enhances the look of the local area, helps to improve air quality and encourages local biodiversity. Lighting also brightens the entry into the West End for visitors and sends commuters home with a sparkle.

The wall includes lighting and the following plants:

  • Bergenia
  • Liriope
  • Lamium/Convolvulus
  • Brunnera/Convolvulus
  • Asplenium
  • Euphorbia
  • Heuchera