The Northbank Patrol Team help with fire at Trafalgar Square

The Northbank Security Team patrols 7 days a week from 6.30am – 11.30pm to keep the area safe and response to emergencies and low level antisocial behavior. The team responds to calls on the BID radio system, often being the first on the scene to respond to events or medical emergencies.

Security lead officer Rabih, told us about a recent incident in Trafalgar Square.

“We received a message at 18:17 about a cloud of smoke over Trafalgar Square; As Street safety officers, we put public safety at the heart of everything we do.

We went to investigate and we soon realised there was heavy smoke coming from the Admiralty Pub building on the east side of the Square. There was a very thin police presence, so we decided to stay and help out. The Police approached us asking for help. Our task was to stop the public from walking into the direction of the fire, while officers are taping the area around the Square.

We stayed for over 2hrs helping the public with directions, offering alternative routes, and keeping the public away from danger.

Slowly the fire was put out, and more heavy Police presence was established. When we were sure that the area was safe, and the police in total control, we moved on, to carry-on with our Street patrol. We left the area at 8:50”

Northbank BID members can request a free radio to contact Rabih and  the team. To join, please email  

Meet John, lead Ambassador for The Northbank

Ambassadors are the face of the BID on the streets to our visitors and businesses.  Here in Northbank we are committed to building great relationships with our businesses and we are ever mindful that we are a crucial link between the BID Team and our Levy Payers. 

An excellent example of this comes from our lead Northbank Ambassador, John:

“A month ago, I visited the Temple Brew House, and spoke with Ludovica who runs both the Brew House and Daly’s, located on Essex Street.

In the conversation she mentioned that she wanted to know when Freshers’ Week (Welcome Week) is for our two colleges in Northbank, King’s and LSE, and if we had any contacts for them.  I thought this was a great opportunity to link the BID Team with Ludovica and sent an email to the Team to assist.

As a result of this connection, the BID Team personally met with Ludovica, signed her businesses up with the Privilege Card Scheme, discussed security issues and the Night Safety charter, and linked her with the colleges”

I was very proud that this one interaction and email sparked this great connection between the Ludovica, the BID Team and colleges.  This is a prime example of how my Ambassador team can really make a difference to the businesses in the area, and we are working hard to create many more of these positive stories.

To request a business visit from the Ambassador Team, please email

Help us keep the Northbank clean!

During the daytime, Northbank’s clean team of friendly janitors patrol the district, keeping the area spick and span. Last month the team provided a deep clean of Villiers Street, Royal Courts of Justice and the Strand, you can really see the difference on these before and after shots!

The BID providers an on-demand janitorial service, to our members should they require one off cleaning to remove spillages, grime or graffiti. The service is available on Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm. To request this service just call 07934 845 503.

In the last three months, the Clean Team:

•       Swept and litter picked 7,161 blocks of pavement
•       Cleaned or removed 823 pieces of graffiti or flyposting
•       Flushed 80,756 sqm of paving with the electric flushing vehicle
•       Carried out nightly intensive washing of paving amounting to 8,800 sqm
•       Washed 161 refuse bins, cleaned parklets and gardens 418 times
•       Cleared 430 on-street waste issues, the janitorial service resolved 281 issues
•       Collected and removed 1,166 bags of rubbish and recyclable waste
•       Removed over 100 bags of leaves