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City of Westminster: City Plan 2019-2040

On Monday 28th October, Westminster City Council published on their website the latest version of the draft City Plan and all accompanying papers that will now be considered by Full Council on 13th November.

The overarching aims of the City Plan are to create more affordable homes, the right environment for business success and more open, green spaces to enjoy in the heart of London. The new planning framework will set a clear direction for developers and householders, in order to meet a number of key targets:

• 1,495 new homes every year for ten years and over 22,000 new homes up to 2040
• 1,850 new affordable homes by 2023
• Create new business floor space for 63,000 new jobs
• Six in ten affordable homes to be intermediate housing
• A clearer policy on tall buildings that rules them out across most of the city – with most new developments to match surrounding skyline.

Subject to consideration by Full Council on 13th November, the City Plan will then be submitted to the Secretary of State for inspection.

You can see the full set of City Plan Cabinet papers at This includes details of minor textual changes following the Regulation 19 consultation stage.