Creative Spring Challenge

The Northbank BID are inviting all businesses and their families to take part in our “Creative Spring Challenge.” Participants will be asked to either draw or write a poem on something spring related. This could be anything from sketching flowers in their garden to a view they have observed from their living room window. Participants can be as creative as they wish and there are no restrictions on the size of the drawing or length of the poem.

You will have a month to work on your creative works and then simply take a picture and send it over to us at The BID team will then pick out their favourite picture and poem and the winners of each will win £150 which they can then donate to their favourite charities in the local footprint.

Through this competition Northbank BID are looking to support the amazing work that all six of these charities are continuing deliver throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Homelessness and the issues surrounding it, such as mental health and substance abuse, continues to be huge area of work throughout this crisis. All of these charities are working in their own way to keep rough sleepers safe and off the streets during this crisis.

Please find some information about all six of the charities here

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