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Mayor announces bold plans to secure a green, clean and healthy future for London

  • A new net-zero by 2030 report, commissioned by the Mayor and released today, outlines the bold action required to reduce air pollution, tackle the climate emergency and cut congestion in the capital to create a greener, healthier city fit for the future
  • Mayor says the report must act as a stark wake-up call for the Government on the need to provide much greater support to London to reach net-zero by 2030
  • The new report states that in order to meet the climate change targets, car traffic must reduce by at least 27 per cent in London by the end of the decade
  • More than a third of car trips made by Londoners could be walked in under 25 minutes and two thirds could be cycled in under 20 minutes
  • Mayor today announces potential approaches to be considered to reduce vehicle use in London – saying the cost of inaction to our economy, livelihoods, the environment and the health of Londoners would be far greater than the cost of reducing carbon emissions and air pollution
  • Report comes just a week after new analysis showed vehicle congestion cost the capital £5.1bn in the last year, and has risen to pre-pandemic levels, leading to gridlocked traffic and filthy air pollution

Read the full press release here