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Medical Responders

To coincide with Christmas and the Met police and BTP focus on Violence Against Women and Girls, the London HQ BIDs will support Charing Cross and Victoria Station with medical responders.

The responders will work 6 days a week starting at 5 pm and finishing at 1:30 am.  They will cover the concourse and outside perimeter in both areas. In Charing Cross, they will also cover Villiers Street and Embankment Station as our security teams have helped a number of vulnerable females there in recent weeks.

There will be 3 responders based at each station throughout December, who will carry a Network Rail radio to enable them to get to patients quickly. 1 of the responders will be found in the medical room of the stations.

The medical responders will work closely with the Night Stars on a Friday night and It will also ease pressure on LAS at a busy time of year with party season in full swing.