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Temple Roof Garden

Trafalgar Square: Mayor of London’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival

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On-Street Security Briefings

Northbank Wellbeing Series: Resilience and Mental Fitness

Join us and the Wellbeing People to discover the impact that your daily habits are having on your health, wellbeing and productivity! This workshop gives hands-on practical tools to help manage stress, enhance resilience, improve mental fitness to achieve your life goals! 

Northbank Wellbing Series: Building easy exercise routines

Join us and the Wellbeing People for another interactive and engaging wellbeing workshop. In this workshop you will learn the five key elements of fitness – and how to start enjoying exercise! Plus, discover the difference between baseline, a breakthrough and a restorative workout. 

Northbank Wellbring Series: Sleeping your way to success

Join us for another wellbeing workshop, as we welcome back the Wellbeing people. In this workshop learn valuable lessons around understanding the importance of recovery and how that impacts your performance, resilience and even social interactions. Plus learn five practical lifestyle habits everyone can access for superior sleep!

Northbank Wellbeing Series: Hunger Management

Join us as we once again welcome the Wellbeing People for this workshop. This Workshop will help you to understand the four types of hunger and how they can affect your mood, energy and cravings. You’ll learn how to overcome them to live a longer, leaner, healthier, happier life!

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Celebrating Migration and Biodiversity

It’s World Migratory Bird Day and International Day for Biological Diversity this month. In this blog post, we take a closer look at each. 11 May: World Migratory Bird Day The methods birds use to migrate are almost unbelievable and...

The Future of London Heritage Quarter - Trends up to 2040

London Heritage Quarter have partnered with Arup to assess key trends and developmentsimpacting the area, up to 2040, and to produce recommendations for action. Work and skills in 2040 The number of jobs in Westminster will grow, but not as...

Mayor confirms landmark off-peak Fridays trial to start on 8 March and makes call to Londoners: #LetsDoFridays

Pay as you go with contactless and Oyster fares on Tube and rail across London and the Southeast will be off-peak all day on Fridays from 8 March until 31 May 2024, in an initiative that will be closely watched...