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Youth Steering Group – Centre Stage

In early 2022 The Northbank, Victoria, Victoria Westminster and Whitehall Business Improvement Districts jointly created a ‘Youth Steering Group’ to guide our work and support the development of young people across Westminster. It comprises 16-24 year olds from a variety of backgrounds who live or work in the borough and are seeking opportunities to learn, develop skills or start their careers. 

On 15th February we arranged for fifteen of the group to attend a ‘Centre Stage’ workshop run by BID-member The Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG). This took place at the Fortune Theatre and covered: 

• Asserting influence and empowering others 

• Presence and being able to command a space 

• Increasing confidence and communicating effectively 

• Giving feedback 

• Understanding physical presence and body language 

• Improving the use of voice and breathing 

• Creative problem solving 

The workshop enabled the young people to bring West End theatre confidence tools and use them in corporate settings – whether an interview, meeting or networking event – helping to better showcase themselves.  

As one of ATG’s flagship venues, The Lyceum Theatre kindly treated the group afterwards to a showing of The Lion King with full VIP treatment at the Lyceum Lounge; their first-ever outing to a theatre production for many of them.

Sophie said, “The trip was brilliant, it really expanded the way I think and added so many words to my vocabulary.” 

Rahkim said, “Thank you so much for the call, I really appreciate it. I wanted to say that the event was extremely helpful and really impacted me. I felt more confident to the point where I just let go and faced my fears of doing any sort of speech in front of people and just did it. The event was also very fun and something which I’d definitely do again.” 

If you’re a local business and would like to find out how you can support our Youth Steering Group please contact our Social Responsibility Manager, Ebony