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Corgi names

What else we have discovered in our research about the Queen and her corgis?

*Please note this is information is collated from several online and print sources and cannot be quoted as factual.

Carol – was given her name after she was born on Christmas Eve.

Crackers – was sent to Windsor Castle with the Queen and Princess Margaret during WW2 to keep the pair company until the war ended.

Dookie – is one of the most famous corgis, the first of many Welsh corgis owned by the royal family, when the Queen was just 7 years old. His name is believed to have come from the kennel maids. As a puppy he refused to eat from the same bowls as his siblings, so they started to call him ‘The Duke’, which eventually became Dookie.

Emma – her full name was Emma Moondust. Emma produced a litter of Dagger, Dipper, Jay, Linnet, Martin, Plover and Wren. The Queen gifted Emma to Bill Meldrum a man in charge of the gundogs at Sandringham.

Fergus and Muick – Fergus was a cross between a corgi and dachshund, otherwise termed a ‘dorgi’. He was named after Fergus Bowes-Lyon, the Queen’s maternal uncle who died in France during WW1. While Muick was named after Loch Muick, one of the Queen’s favourite beauty spots in Balmoral. They were both gifted to the Queen by Prince Andrew & his daughters in 2021.

Heather – from Honey’s litter, was credited as the Great Granddaughter of Susan and mother to Foxy and Tiny.

Holly – not a fan of being photographed! Despite this, she was one of the Queen’s corgis who featured alongside her in the famous James Bond sketch in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, starring canines Monty and Willow.

Honey and Sugar – the year after the Queen gave birth to Prince Charles, Susan also became a mother with puppies, Sugar and Honey. Sugar was the nursery pet of Prince Charles and Princess Anne, while Honey belonged to the Queen’s mother. Although she was known for being feisty and biting a pair of trousers or two.

Jane – was originally chosen to be Dookie’s mate, but in the end, they were only destined to be friends. Like Crackers, Jane accompanied Margaret and Elizabeth to Windsor Castle during WW2. After Dookie passed away, Jane became the top dog for the family.

Linnet – born in 2000 was the mother of the last litter of corgis the Queen ever bred. She was said to be fond of bagpipes and would often follow the Queen’s personal bagpiper around.

Monty – initially belonged to the Queen mother and was one of the canine stars of the Queen’s James Bond sketch in the 2012 Olympics, starring alongside corgis Holly and Willow.

Sandy – is one of the Queen’s newest corgis with her majesty bringing her to the household in June 2021 to keep Muick company.

Sherry and Whisky – were both given to Prince Charles and Princess Anne for Christmas presents. Believed to be named after some of the household’s favourite tipples.

Susan – was Elizabeth’s first corgi of her own, gifted to her on her 18th birthday. She was first known as Sue and was red and white in colouring like Jane and Dookie. Susan went everywhere with the Queen, even on their honeymoon. Her majesty’s love for Susan was so well known that after Prince Charles was born, the Daily Mirror asked its readers to suggest ways to prevent Susan from becoming jealous of the baby.

Tiny – was from a new litter, from a kennel in Sussex, differing from the Queen’s previous corgis. Tiny had an unplanned liaison with Margaret’s dachshund Pipkin creating a litter of ‘dorgis’ from which the Queen kept Pickles and Tinker.

Willow – was the last generation of Susan’s descendants. She starred alongside Monty and Holly in the Olympics James Bond sketch. The Queen was particularly upset by her loss because it was the last canine link to her parents, and she is today buried in Windsor Castle.