Climate Change Protest – Information for businesses

Current overview (Subject to change or variation): 

  • The Met have been working hard ahead of planned protests by organisations campaigning against climate change, including Extinction Rebellion. 
  • The operation is led by an experienced command team with an appropriate number of officers to police the demonstration. 
  • The Met have the capability to deploy quickly officers trained in public order and specialist officers will be deployed. 
  • Whilst policing protest in central London, the police have a duty to balance the rights of the protestors with the rights of others to go about their lawful business. 
  • The Met have learnt from the last protest held by this group – we will have sufficient number of officers on duty to make arrests and remove any obstructions as necessary. 

MPS advice to stakeholders, organisations, and businesses in Central London 

Your people 

  • In the days leading up to the event, ensure all employees are fully briefed 
  • Your premises should have a strong, visible management presence who should identify themselves to the police in the event of any trespassing or damage 
  • Security officers, where possible, should be highly visible 
  • All staff should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to security and/or the police 
  • Ensure all members of staff are fully aware of any emergency and evacuation procedures

 Your premises 

  • Minimise the number of entry points to your premises 
  • Ensure the outside areas are clear of debris, dustbins, ladders, tools, or equipment 
  • Check that your emergency equipment, grab bags, first aid supplies, and walkie0talkies are in place, easy to get to, and working properly. It is advisable to test them beforehand 
  • Check and test building security and emergency systems 
  • Ensure CCTV coverage is fully operational and can provide the highest recording resolution possible 
  • If your building has scaffolding erected or is in close proximity to scaffolding, let your security staff know. 
  • Report any suspicious activity to police by dialling 999 in an emergency or call 101 if not an emergency. 

You can read more advice here.

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