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Cycling through our area

At Northbank BID we are looking in to how we can encourage an uptake in cycling within our footprint, to help improve the air we breathe along with everyone’s health & wellbeing.

Health & Wellbeing:

Cycling is a great form of exercise, having excellent benefits for both physical and mental health. Biking to work, or during the working day, has shown to help staff manage stress & anxiety along with improving mental sharpness throughout the working day.  

With millions of working days lost each year through poor mental health, encouraging more people to take up cycling is a key priority.

Air Quality

The air we breathe has a dramatic impact on our health & wellbeing, reducing the number of vehicles on our roads is crucial to improving air quality. Increasing the numbers of people who cycle to work is just one way to help solve this problem.

Poor air quality can also be a barrier for many to start cycling. One way to combat this is to use quieter and less congested streets when cycling. Switching to these cleaner air routes can reduce the amount of pollution exposure by up to 47%. You can find our cleaner air walking routes here

Tips for Business:

Cargo Bikes

Many companies across London, including Addison Lee, Zedify and City Sprint are now offering cargo bike services. If your business wants to create their own fleet of Cargo Bikes they can be purchased from locations such as CarryMe Bikes.

Using Cargo Bikes is a fast, reliable, and sustainable alternative to using motorized vehicles for variety business needs – from commercial couriers to deliveries. A few of the benefits are:

•             Reliable journeys, especially as the cycle network expands

•             No parking restrictions and requires little space for longer-term parking

•             No fuel costs, and minimal maintenance costs passed to the customer

•             Demonstrates responsible business practice with regard to corporate social responsibility

Cycle to Work Schemes

One way for businesses to encourage their employees to take up cycling is through a ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’. There are several available through companies such as CycleScheme and Bike2Work Scheme.

Through these schemes’ employees can enjoy greatly reduced prices on a new bike. Whilst employers will have a happier, healthier and more productive workforce along with savings of up to 13.8% on employer NI contributions.

Cycle Safety:

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a new commuter, Cycle Safety should be a top priority before taking to the saddle.


Good bike maintenance is key to ensuring safety on the roads, regularly checking and cleaning your bike means that any problems can be spotted a lot sooner

Always make sure you carry out a simple M-check before any bike journey to spot anything not quite right before you ride

A wealth of knowledge and practical how-to’s are widely available:  Sustrans, Cycling UK and British Cycling all have produced lots of material well worth reading before getting on your bike.

The South Westminster BID’s will be hosting a Cycle Maintenance and Safety Webinar by Sam Parkes, taking place on the 22nd July 2020

Securing Your Bike

Securing your bike well is vital for stopping bike theft. Westminster City Council provide plenty of tips on how to keep your bike safe, a few top tips include:

  • Lock your bike in a public space where there are people, not out of sight. Preferably in sight of a CCTV camera
  • Lock both the wheel and the frame to the bike stand
  • Remove small items like lights or any parts that are ‘quick release’

Bike marking is an excellent deterrent from cycle theft. Through Bike Register you can add your bike details to the National Police Approved database, and then mark & protect your bike with one of their security marking kits.