Strand Resurfacing: Enabling works starting Friday 25th February

Westminster City Council has commissioned its service provider, FM Conway Limited, to resurface the Strand (between Savoy Street and Charing Cross Station) and Adam Street Carriageways. This work will be undertaken in late March (starting 28th March) and finishing in early April (ends 7th April); formal notification of the resurfacing programme of works will be distributed in mid-March to affected businesses and residents.

The resurfacing will be undertaken in seven (No.7) separate phases, three eastbound (on 28th, 29th and 30th March), three westbound (on 4th, 5th and 6th April) and Adam Street; which will be resurfaced on Sunday 3rd April. When resurfacing the eastbound carriageway, the westbound carriageway will remain open to traffic; and vice versa.

The FM Conway team will be working extended hours to complete sections in one day; with works expected to continue into the late evening. During each phase there will be no vehicle access or egress allowed within area being resurfaced; these are between:

Eastbound Phases –

1.     Duncannon Street to Agar Street on Monday 28th March

2.     Agar Street to Lumley Court on Tuesday 29th March; and,

3.     Lumley Court to Burleigh Street (includes the junction mouth) on Wednesday 30th March

* Thursday 31st March is a reserve day should there be bad weather or should unknown issues arise.

4.     Adam Street will be resurfaced overnight between 18:00pm and 05:00am on Sunday 3rd April.

Westbound Phases –

5.     Savoy Street (includes mouth of junction) to Adam Street on Monday 4th April

6.     Adam Street to just beyond George Court on Tuesday 5th April; and,

7.     George Court to Trafalgar Square on Wednesday 6th April; this includes resurfacing in front of Charing Cross Station where only emergency vehicle access and egress under “blue lights” will be available during the day.

Thursday 7th April is also a reserve day.

During the directional closures of the carriageway TfL Surface Network Buses will be on diversion.

Pedestrian access to businesses will not be affected by the resurfacing; however, there will be closures of pedestrian crossings during each phase and alternative, safe crossing points will be available.

Once the resurfacing is completed, we will then strengthen all drain and utility covers in both carriageways; this will be done during the working day under localised lane closures (not full closure of the carriageway).

Works will be noisy at times for which FM Conway do apologise in advance.

In the meantime, some enabling works started on 25th February. This is to realign kerb stones and small areas of paving that have been damaged by vehicles. Nearby businesses have been notified of these works.

Should you want to find out more about these works and how they may affect you, please do contact Bob Burton, the FM Conway Public Liaison Officer for the Strand Resurfacing Project. Bob can be best contacted by email on

SOCIAL BITE’S FESTIVAL OF KINDNESS IS HERE! We’re on a mission to provide 300,000 gifts, meals, and essential items to homeless and vulnerable people over Christmas and the winter months – and we need your help!

Join us to create a movement of kindness and share festive goodwill with those who need it most.

This year we are growing the kindness movement to three new cities! We have installed 28ft Christmas trees in Edinburgh, London, Glasgow, Aberdeen & Dundee. We are calling these ‘Trees of Kindness’ where you can come and donate a gift for someone homeless or in poverty. The gift wish list ranges from warm clothes to children’s toys to beauty products. We would love you to bring a gift from the list and drop it off with one of our team at the Trees.

Social Bite will then be distributing these across Scotland and the rest of the UK with help from over 100 charity partners to get them to homeless and vulnerable people in time for Christmas. You can see the full gift wish list and drop off times here:

We would also really appreciate any financial donations that you could make to support our work this winter. As well as gifts and meals, we are partnering with charities in each of the five cities to provide emergency accommodation with support for rough sleepers. You can read more about the campaign and how to get involved here:

Please SHARE to spread the word & help share kindness to those who need it most this Christmas.

PS our annual voucher campaign and other amazing partnerships will be coming soon!

See LinkedIn post here

The Northbank – Open and Welcome

Ambassador Interview

Our wonderful Ambassadors are back on the streets of the Northbank, welcoming visitors to the area whilst adhering to social distancing measures. We caught up with Ambassador Team Leader Mariana to find out about the best places in the Northbank, as well as the changes that have been implemented for our visitors’ safety.

1. Since you’ve returned to the area, what changes have you seen as a result of Covid-19?   

The Northbank team has implemented Covid-19 measures across the entire Strand, Aldwych and Trafalgar Square area, including  the installation of hand sanitizer stations and social distancing signage. We have been ensuring that people returning to the area for work or leisure are following the government guidelines, while also supporting businesses as they reopen.  

We’ve seen businesses supporting one another more than ever before. From helping each other with advice to just sharing their thoughts and experiences, we’ve seen a real unity in the area.  

The Westminster Trade Parking Permits are another useful initiative, helping businesses to trade and welcome their customers back. It’s also been great to see beautifully decorated tables and chairs along the street and people enjoying their meals in the sun, making the area feel positive and lively.      

During the quieter period, our planters on Villiers Street, Agar Street and Wellington Street grew, which has improved our healthy living areas and put a smile on the faces of our regular visitors!  

2. What can visitors get up to in the local area?

The Northbank offers a wide range of activities and sights to see. Starting from Trafalgar Square all the way down to Temple Church, you’ll find a lot of history and hidden gems.

We recently saw the opening of a new playground in Victoria Embankment Gardens, where kids can have fun and parents can enjoy a coffee. Somerset House hosts events, exhibitions and even music festivals – at the moment you can visit The Mushrooms exhibition: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi, curated by Francesca Gavin. The River Terrace has breath-taking views across the Thames and is the  perfect location for a reception party or a glass of champagne with a friend.  

The area usually hosts huge summer events. The West End LIVE show takes place in Trafalgar Sqaure and sees the cast of London’s hottest shows performing in front of thousands of spectators, showcasing the best of the London stage.  We also host the Pride Parade in June, which is the UK’s biggest and most diverse parade celebrating gender diversity and self acceptance. Due to the pandemic, both of these events went online this year – but they’ll be back in Summer 2021, bigger and better than ever before. 

3. Do you have any favourite spots to grab a bite?  

We have plenty of different places with a good selection of food! I would definitely recommend 50 Kalo pizzeria, which serves authentic Naples pizza and is included in Italy’s Michelin Guide.  

Frankie & Benny’s restaurant would be another recommendation for families, with a kids menu and gluten free options, an outside eating space and a spacious dining area inside.   

Head to Honest Burger for their British burger and famous rosemary chips. They also have an outdoor dining space on Southampton Street.

I would definitely recommend Gordon’s Wine Bar: they offer a selection of award-winning wines and great food, including sharing boards, snacks and home-made food which includes 15 different types of cheese! You can enjoy an alfresco experience in their outdoor seating area – the terrace is by Victoria Embankment Gardens, away from the busy street. 

  4. Do you have any advice for people wishing to visit the area?

My only advice would be don’t hesitate to come and visit Northbank! We have plenty of things to do, from a nice river walk on Victoria Embankment where you can visit the Obelix, to reading your book in the gardens, with a river view and green space. You can visit Trafalgar Square, which is coming back to life: more people are coming to see our talented buskers on the North Terrace.

Covent Garden is just around the corner, which is getting busier every day. You can also enjoy some shopping, with massive discounts at Next and Topshop stores. Our range of bars and restaurants have a good offer on food and drinks, welcoming you with a big smile and impressing you with exceptional customer service. Outdoor space and the weather will set the vibe. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Northbank!

Working from home

Home Working: Preparing your organisation and staff

With the outbreak of COVID-19, The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have put together a cyber security guide to ensure your staff can manage some of the upcoming cyber security challenges. 

The guide highlights how to prepare to work from home and how to spot the signs of phishing emails. 

To find out more click here

More Information

Little Book of Cyber Scams

Little Book of Phone Scams

Little Leaflet of Cyber Advice

Little Book of Big Scams

Update your malware

Westminster City Council: Air Quality Action Plan

Air quality is the number one concern for people in Westminster. To help tackle this problem, Westminster have identified several priorities to help keep our air clean:

  • reducing or cleaning dirty journeys and create better infrastructure for electric and low emission vehicles
  • placing emissions and pollution at the forefront of decision making on public spaces and buildings and encouraging all those who shape spaces and buildings to do likewise
  • making environmentally-friendly options easier for everyone 
  • moving the air quality agenda forward through thought leadership and innovation

WCC have now published a new Air Quality Action Plan which provides a comprehensive overview of how they will continue to make progress on this agenda from 2020 to 2024.

The consultation period for the new Air Quality Action Plan closed on the 3rd March 2020.

Read Westminster’s full Air Quality Action Plan or find out more about Westminster City Council’s plans to help tackle air pollution by visiting their website

The Northbank BID Response – Click Image:

If you have any questions or comments regarding this consultation or the topic please contact Jade Thomas

Westminster City Council: Cultural Strategy Consultation 2020-24

The council has embarked on a new Cultural Strategy for the next five years to ensure their communities can benefit from Westminster’s world-class cultural and creative activities. With over 2,000 cultural institutions across the borough, the council believes that every single resident should be able to access the valuable local cultural offer.

The Cultural Strategy will form part of the council-wide City for All vision, which sets out the ambition for Westminster to be a ‘city that celebrates its communities’. WCC recognise that when residents take part in cultural activity it transforms:

  • their sense of health and wellbeing, and reduces social isolation
  • their satisfaction with and connectivity to people and place
  • their access to local opportunities, volunteering, skills and employment

Consultation on emerging priorities 

The council is now seeking feedback from all our stakeholders and residents on its emerging priorities for culture, which includes:

  • increased access to culture for all, with a specific focus on reaching residents that encounter physical, social and economic barriers
  • support for health and wellbeing programmes through collaboration with more local cultural partners and deepening relationships with council services (e.g. Families, Public Health, Adult Social Care) and local NHS link workers
  • delivering skills for the future by increasing cultural capital and skills opportunities for young people and improving access to lifelong learning for all
  • ensuring creative placemaking to maintain cultural infrastructure, creative workspaces and resident programmes as integral to planning and regeneration schemes

Read the full draft Cultural Strategy for Westminster Council 2020-24 on WCC’s website.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions regarding our priorities and how you might partner with WCC by completing an online survey.

All are welcome to attend a Cultural Strategy market stall prior to the council’s next Open Forum event hosted from 3pm on 17 March (location to be confirmed). You will have the opportunity to find out more about their plans for culture in Westminster from council staff.

Next steps

Once WCC has consulted with their residents and stakeholders, the council will use the findings to inform the final strategy and action plan that will show how they intend to deliver their objectives over the next five years. They plan to publish the complete Cultural Strategy 2020-24 in spring 2020.

Have your say on busking: Westminster’s ‘Busking & Street Entertainment Consultation’

Every day the streets across Westminster are brought to life with performances from musicians, magicians, comedians, artists and dancers, who come from all over the world to perform here. 

At the same time, Westminster receives around 1,800 complaints each year about excessive noise or overcrowding caused by busking. Westminster City Council is proposing a new policy that they hope will allow street entertainment to thrive whilst protecting residents and businesses. This will include a licensing scheme in busking hotspots where they receive the most complaints

To read more about the new busking and street entertainment policy, please head to Westminster’s page dedicated new the draft policy here.

Westminster City Council Street Entertainment update December 2020

WCC Policy: This draft policy is based upon the careful consideration of evidence and engagement with buskers and street entertainers, businesses and residents, however we will also monitor the policy throughout its first year of implementation and conduct a full review after 12 months so that it can be adapted based on results and feedback if required.

  • Street Entertainment has an additional chance for feedback by 31st January ahead of coming into effect in Spring 2020
  • A new pitch at Northumberland Ave near Embankment Place has been included
  • Villiers Street has been removed from the consultation.

Find full Draft Policy/Busking Appendix here

To view stakeholder email from Westmisnter City Council click here

Health-based menu’s on the Northbank

‘You Know My Name’ by Jonny Woo

I know what you think of me.

That I am a ‘Has Been.’

An unremarkable inconvenience.

A passing through.

Can’t think of anywhere else,

On the way to, second choice rendezvous.

A suntrap, a wind tunnel

A polluted, choking, stone and concrete, asphalt funnel.

I’ll be the lesser man and take it in my stride

Let someone else have his or her moment,

For sure I’ve had many.

Mine is a quiet pride.

You just see an ordinary bloke.

But I’m working hard for you.

An escape from and gateway to

An artery pumping life into your London’s beating heart

Since way before your own humble start.

Once the only vital link between the pleasure and the purse

It’s me you’ll pass along before you amble through

That majestic arch called Admiralty

And stroll the rose pathway to see a Queen.

But I won’t brag like a ‘Knightsbridge’

Or turn my nose up like a ‘Mayfair’.

Or jostle you like an ‘Oxford’

Or tempt you like a ‘Bond’

Or pretend to be someone I’m not like a ‘Portobello’.

I’m neither a street, nor a road, nor an avenue, nor a lane.

I’m just a ‘The’.

From a song, a magazine,

A cigarette or a game,

You know my name.

Pounded by tourists lured by theatre lights

Pummeled by red buses spewing workers into the fire.

Thrashed by diesel cabs ferrying fashionable mobs.

Ground by midnight limousines hiding powdered faces behind tinted glass

Sighing as they slope through the doors of The Savoy,

‘At last!’


As the last suburban trains rumble over Charing’s arches

Echoing with the beat of bodies in ecstatic release

Behind Heaven’s steel gates.

And just feet away in St Martin’s shadow

A forgotten voice asks

‘Where are those stars of yours tonight, Oscar?’

Let me caress you with tales of the palaces that rose where a sandwich shop stands.

And I’ll reveal the size and the make of the shoes of Huxley, Kipling and Woolf

I’ll tell you what it feels like to have your skin brushed by fine silk hems

And I’ll burn your ears with the secrets of sinners.

I’ve rubbed shoulders with kings

I’ve laughed with all manner of queens.

I’ve prayed for forgiveness and clemency.

And, if you dare to explore my fingers,

I’ll show you the real London.

I’m older than you

But, I feel like a young man welcoming the world.

I’ve seen so much

Yet I optimistically wait my renaissance.

As the tides of The Thames ebb and flow.

So you’ll come and so you’ll go.

But I’ll still be here, stoically grand.

Not street, not road, nor avenue, nor lane.

You know my name.

I am ‘The Strand.’

The Northbank’s CEO recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list

Congratulations To The Northbank BID’s CEO

Huge congratulations are in order for The Northbank BID’s CEO, Ruth Duston, as today she has been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Recognised for her significant contribution to businesses in the capital, Ruth has been involved with Business Improvement Districts and business partnerships for almost two decades, representing thousands of businesses and employees and contributing to the enhancement of vast areas of London, from Northbank, Victoria, and Cheapside to Hatton Garden, Richmond, Aldgate and Old Street.

London is expected to establish its 60th BID this year, and Ruth has been involved in the development and running of more BIDs in the capital than any other person. Over the last decade she has leveraged in over £20m of private sector investment for the various projects she has led, becoming the catalyst in generating over £6bn of national and international investment for the redevelopment across major parts of central London.

Speaking on the announcement of her Honour, Ruth commented:

“I am incredibly humbled to have been given this honour. This award is testament to the fantastic achievements of the BIDs and business partnerships I have been involved with over the years. I believe it demonstrates that public / private partnership is vital to London’s continued success and is more important than ever in these rather uncertain times. 

“I see every day the significant force for good that BIDs in London have become, working side by side with innovative and vastly experienced business leaders and visionary public servants and politicians. It’s a busy, fast moving world, but I thrive on our continued ability to make a difference, transforming communities and helping to make London the great global city it is. I’d like to thank all the businesses I have worked with over the years – their support and commitment to the partnership agenda has made this achievement today possible.” 

Ruth’s OBE reflects the important role that BIDs and business partnerships are now playing in the ‘public’ realm, especially in the capital. This summer she will run her latest BID ballot – for the Victoria Westminster proposed BID – and the appetite for BIDs is showing no sign of waning. To the contrary, BIDs are now powerful and strategic bodies, representing thousands of businesses across London and able to work collaboratively with the public sector to deliver real change.

Northbank Summer Flags Along The Strand

We’re delighted to bring Union Flags to the Strand for the first time for a summer filled with celebrations and festivities. We’ve already had fantastic feedback so come along and see for yourself. While you’re here join in with our fantastic array of events and activities, and enjoy lots of delicious food and drinks (tip: don’t forget your Privilege Card!).

Remember to tag us on social media! @TheNorthbankBID.

London First Puts Aldwych Vision As Top Priority


Proposed transformation of Aldwych, with the removal of the gyratory and the creation of a new public space around the church


London’s business chiefs step up to transform public spaces at Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair
July 13, 2017



“London’s business chiefs today threw their support behind three key projects that promise to transform public spaces in Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair.

The influential West End Streets group, set up by London First, brings together the likes of The Portman Estate, Arup, The Crown Estate and Grosvenor Britain and Ireland to work with the West End Business Improvement Districts to confirm funding and delivery of key London public realm projects.

The group helped deliver the transformation of Leicester Square in 2012 and continues to champion schemes that will make a significant difference to London’s public spaces.

The three schemes unveiled today, in Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair, are significant projects for London, promising to open up public spaces, improve air quality and conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and deliver benefits to residents, visitors and local businesses. All three schemes are deliverable within the next five years.

• The Aldwych Vision: an ambitious scheme centred on the removal of the Aldwych gyratory and the creation of a new civic space at the heart of the area.
• Hanover Square: the project will renovate gardens at the centre of the square, and pedestrianise part of it, ahead of the opening of the Elizabeth Line station at Bond Street.
• East Mayfair: plans to improve public spaces and reduce congestion on streets including Saville Row, Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, Clifford Street and Old Burlington Street. The improvements will open-up routes through the West End and support the opening of the new Royal Academy of Arts entrance on Burlington Gardens.

Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive of London First, said: “The plans for Aldwych, Hanover Square and East Mayfair promise to transform the areas, making them more open, accessible and attractive for residents, local businesses and the millions of people who visit the West End each year. To make sure they don’t get stuck on the drawing board, business is joining forces to champion the work, delivering real ambition and investment for London and our world-famous streets.”

Bill Moore CBE, Chief Executive of The Portman Estate and Chair of the West End Streets group, said: “West End Streets has been successful in backing schemes such as the Baker Street Two Way in Marylebone and the work to revitalise Bond Street in the preparation for the opening of the Elizabeth Line. The three schemes announced today will continue this momentum. They will improve public realm, reduce traffic congestion, enhance air quality and enable growth in the respective areas, delivering a better environment for residents, workers and visitors. We look forward to working with local authorities, TfL, business improvement districts and other stakeholders to deliver these improvements.”

The West End Streets group was established in 2007 and has helped deliver projects including the transformation of Leicester Square, the roll out of ‘Legible London’, which provides over 200 wayfinding signs across central London, and the ‘Summer Streets’ initiative which sees the annual pedestrianisation of Regent Street for four Sundays in July.”